Refund Policy

REFUND, EXCHANGES, RETURNS, & CREDIT POLICY: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. ORDER CAREFULLY! Payments for any and all materials, products, or services on this website, including Web, Email, or Electronic Files and Reports, are NOT REFUNDABLE for any reason.

You are responsible to assure you have software and computer knowledge, capability, and compatibility, including (but not limited to) appropriate ISP and email accounts, for electronic, email, and online briefings and products. If you make an order error, you may NOT return it for refund, credit, or exchange for any reason.

If we make an error, we will correct it at no expense to you. No credit, for any reason, will be issued to your credit card after you order. Please order carefully. Print this page for your information. By ordering you agree to these terms without reservation, and agree that you will receive no refund, credit, return, or exchange for any reason.

If physical products purchased are damaged or lost during shipping please contact us and a new product will be shipped to you. Damaged products must be returned to us.