About Us

London Economics Press is part of London Economics International LLC (“LEI”) which provides global economic, financial, and strategic advisory professional services focused on energy and infrastructure sectors.

The firm combines detailed understanding of specific network and commodity industries, such as electric power, with a suite of proprietary quantitative models and pragmatic economic and business analysis to produce reliable and comprehensible results. LEI also has substantial experience in assessing the viability of large-scale projects, enhanced through its project work in merger and acquisition deals and due diligence projects.

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The company has assisted clients with a wide range of engagements associated with energy, water and other infrastructure, including:

Asset Valuation, Price Forecasting & Market Analysis

The firm applies sophisticated modeling and forecasting techniques such as real options and statistical-based scenario analysis to develop appropriate valuations for infrastructure assets.

Regulatory Economics, PBR & Market Design

Our skills in comparative efficiency evaluation, estimating elasticities and willingness to pay, cost causation identification, tariff modeling, and innovative rate design enable us to advise on a wide range of regulatory issues.

Expert Testimony & Litigation Consulting

We utilize our extensive knowledge of worldwide energy and infrastructure markets to provide expert testimony services in a wide range of energy, infrastructure, and network economics- related litigation matters.

Strategy & Management Consulting

LEI’s superior understanding of the evolution of competitive power and infrastructure markets enables creation of tailor-made solutions to each client’s strategic challenges. Our approach is based on fundamental economic drivers, shaped by a detailed understanding of regulatory and market structures.


LEI provides a range of services associated with the renewable energy industry. This includes working with developers to value potential revenue streams from renewable energy credits (“RECs”) and/or emissions offsets, advising private equity funds to craft investment plans targeted at “green” technologies, and counseling governments and regulators on creating policies which efficiently incentivize investment in renewable energy.


LEI applies fundamental economic principles and its exhaustive knowledge of electricity markets to help governments and companies create effective, rational, and transparent procurement processes.